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20 years GeniusNet Logo

Soft1 BI

Benefit from the powerful capabilities offered by the most advanced Business Intelligence technologies by leveraging the new Soft1 BI Data Lake service. Connect people to the real data of your business and help them easily see the real picture behind numbers, information and processes through a modern and really easy-to-use BI tool.

Flexible in design to meet the operational requirements for small businesses as well as large companies and organizations, Soft1 BI Data Lake transforms and visualizes business data in a simple and understandable format, allowing its people to draw useful conclusions about the evolution of critical indicators performance and make informed decisions in a timely manner.

Easy, without specialized technical knowledge and above all at an affordable cost, as Soft1 BI Data Lake is available in the form of a subscription service that does not require the purchase of analytics usage licenses, but also does not entail any cost of analysis and process design or infrastructure maintenance.

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