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SoftOne is one of the largest manufacturers of ERP-CRM solutions in Greece and Europe. Geniusnet has been a partner of the Soft1 group since 1992 (Unisoft) and today stands in the top ten of the 400 partners nationwide. With 7 certified ERP Consultants, with a huge installed customer base and with expertise in the design, implementation and support of ERP-CRM installation and configuration projects, at Geniusnet we undertake the successful and complete implementation of your SoftOne ERP.

ERP Systems

Procurement, installation and configuration of ERP Systems

CRM Solutions

Softone Cloud CRM, be next to your customers from everywhere

Regate Enterprise Mobility

Increase Field Productivity
and reduce cost

HRMS Solutions

Human resources management

e- Invoice

Certified electronic invoicing for any function


Instant fulfillment of obligations at the push of a button

Power BI

Your Artificial Intelligence Tool

ERP Systems

ERP System

ERP gathers the company’s processes in a central database for the purpose of a more effective and faster management of its volume of data and information. ERP systems increase the efficiency of the business, being the central work base of its human resources and serving it with automated flows and processes.

Geniusnet undertakes the comprehensive study, design, implementation and support of ERP installation and configuration projects. Combining high technical know-how and deep experience in all market sectors, we recognize the needs of the business, and we support it in a smooth transition to SoftOne ERP programs, aiming at the intact infrastructure and uninterrupted operation of the business.

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Geniusnet is proud to have implemented Atlantis and SoftOne solutions in collaboration with regional applications such as Regate Enterprise Mobility, B2C/B2B E-shop, WMS, intensive retail systems, Ecos E-invoicing, manufacturing and MRP systems and general connections with external systems (Courier Vouchers, Loyalty Software, etc.)
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CRM Solutions

CRM System
Soft1 Cloud CRM provides as a service, everything you need to connect with your customers and respond to their needs faster, increasing your business sales.

SoftOne’s solution is developed, configured, and reliably supported by Geniusnet and gives the necessary information to better understand your customers’ behavior.

By leveraging the functionality of Soft1 CRM, people in your business can more efficiently manage relationships with existing customers, as well as take advantage of new sales opportunities from wherever they are, using any device.

Enterprise Mobility

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Enterprise Mobility
Regate focus in sales force, merchandising and field service automation and delivers complete end-to-end mobility solutions that meet the needs of any sales or service organization. Regate has a solution for every mobile worker making Regate Effective the most versatile software platform for your enterprise mobility needs.

Why choose Geniusnet for Regate solutions?

Geniusnet’s deep knowledge of Enterprise Mobility environments combined with its seven years of experience interfacing Regate Enterprise Mobility systems with Atlantis and Softone puts us at the top of trusted Regate and Soft1 partners. The wide customer base proves in practice the successful communication between Mobility and your ERP.

Enterprise Mobility

What solutions do we offer?


  • Mobile CRM
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Car pricing – EXVAN
  • Field Marketing – Merchandising & Questionnaires
  • Asset Tracking and Management
  • Record sales in the Sell Out field
  • Management of technical support (Field Service)
  • Management of medical visitors (Medical Reps)
  • Control of delivery and receipt – Proof of Delivery

Where Regate solutions are for


  • Commercial enterprises
  • Industrial enterprises
  • Pharmaceutical companies (Medical Reps) (Medical Reps)
  • Advertising companies that provide field marketing services (e.g. merchandising, promotion, questionnaires, market research, etc.)

What you get from Regate solutions


  • Increase the productivity of your on-the-go executives
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Improving the quality of your customer service
  • Better inspection of your executives on the go
  • Sales increase
  • Significant advantage over your competition

HRMS Solutions

The Soft1 HRMS application is a modern and comprehensive solution that facilitates the evaluation of employee performance, allowing HR departments to identify and record training needs aimed at faster development of the people of the business. At the same time, it automates resume management, making it easy to create a list of the most suitable candidates for each new job.

At Geniusnet you can find the specialized HRMS Consultants who will support you in the implementation of the software in the human resources department of your company.

Soft1 HRMS


Soft1 e-Invoice
Even if you don’t have a Softone plan, get online billing through a certified provider. Whatever plan you have Geniusnet and the ecos division of Softone provide you with a solution of critical importance, with mydata update, with modern digital sending of documents, tax incentives and low cost of invoicing.

Certified Electronic Invoicing “E-INVOICING”! SoftOne has been officially certified by the Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE), receiving a suitability license for the electronic transmission of any type of sales document: B2B, B2C and B2G.

Combining SoftOne’s strong expertise in the Cloud with the most innovative technologies, the certified EINVOICING service guarantees real-time interface with your company’s software system and with AADE, sending electronic documents to your customers at the exact moment of their issue!


Soft1 & myData
All Softone applications are compatible with the automatic sending of income documents or the receipt of your expenses with the AADE myData platform. A special application (optional) is provided to manage your e-book through the “myDataLive” module.

Respond easily, quickly, and reliably to the new data created for your business by the mandatory observance of the AADE Electronic Books, through the myDATA platform.

Issue and send any sales document electronically through the automated process offered by the Electronic Invoicing Service of the most reliable provider on the market (Y.PA.HEES).

Soft1 & myData

Instant fulfillment of obligations at the push of a button

  • Sending any type of sales document
  • Control & matching of data based on AADE
  • Real-time transmission of a summary of revenue documents
  • Maximum accuracy & elimination of possibility of mistakes
  • Notification of transmission success/failure

Power BI

Turn the complexity of your data into strength. Extract raw data from your ERP and business processes and format them in rich interactive visualizations, tables, reports. Power BI brings the business to your screen wherever and whenever you need it.

Power BI is a cloud-based data analytics application from GeniusNet. It is a dynamic and flexible tool that allows 360 monitoring of the company’s processes and the creation of interactive statistics. Visually explore your data, gather your sources, or choose from which you wish to draw data to create customized reports. It concerns executives, sales & targets managers and administrators who are called upon to make critical decisions to improve the productivity of their work. The simple, yet smart answer to turnover management.

PowerBI - Business Intelligence


Explore your business by making sense of your data. Turn data into image and visualize business structures and workflows.


Create customized and interactive dashboards, reports, statistics.


Create sound financial and material forecasts based on your data.


Share the results of your research and creativity (dashboard, feeds, live reports, discoveries) with your colleagues, easily and immediately.


Mobile access capability. Check your results in real time from wherever and whenever you choose.

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