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eXtended Detection and Response

The Problem

In an increasingly complex threat landscape, cyberattacks frequently evade detection. Once they sneak in, they hide amidst siloed, disconnected tools that cannot provide correlated alerts in a centralized way, propagating as time passes. At the same time, overwhelmed security teams try to triage and identify attacks with only narrow, disjointed attack viewpoints.

What is XDR?

  • a new CyberSecurity concept
  • a SaaS tool that can extend your enterprise’s threat detection and response capabilities
  • a centralized approach that brings together disconnected security endpoints

How does XDR work?

  • collects data and automatically correlates detections across multiple security domains including endpoint, identity, email, and network
  • uses AI and machine-learning technologies to perform automatic analysis and integrate the results into a centralized security system
  • provides security professionals with a unified incident overview to take quicker actions and stop a threat before spreading

XDR Benefits

  • consolidates multiple security products into a cohesive, unified security incident detection and response platform
  • correlates disconnected security alerts into larger incidents
  • provides security teams with greater visibility into attacks
  • unified visibility provides meaningfull risk level assessment and incident prioritization
  • increases overall security team productivity

WathGuard ThreatSync

ThreatSync is a true XDR solution available within WatchGuard’s Unified Security Platform® architecture. It provides a Cloud-based, integrated approach to implementing extended detection and response capabilities across environments, users and devices.

WatchGuard ThreatSync Architecture

Zero Configuration

Not all XDR solutions are created equal. Some XDR setup and configuration steps require specialized knowledge. WatchGuard delivers XDR features for a skills-deprived market with an intuitive interface and automation for MSPs.

Comprehensive Security

With ThreatSync, you get a detailed, contextualized, and fully actionable picture of your threat surface. The solution collects, analyses, and correlates threats across the entire WatchGuard security stack and makes it simple to deliver critical XDR protection.

No Added Cost to Access XDR

XDR is an essential tenet of effective cybersecurity that should be accessible to every business. In most cases, there is an additional charge for an XDR license to make detection and response features available. WatchGuard puts XDR at your fingertips and includes ThreatSync as a cross-product capability available at no additional cost.*

*Full XDR funtionality is available to customers utilizing the Firewall Total Security Suite services and EPP or EPDR Licences.

ThreatSync in Action

Get to know whether your curerent security configuration is eligible for XDR functionality or ask our security specialists for an integrated security solution. Call us or send us a message.

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