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Soft1 e-Invoice
Even if you don’t have a Softone plan, get online billing through a certified provider. Whatever plan you have Geniusnet and the ecos division of Softone provide you with a solution of critical importance, with mydata update, with modern digital sending of documents, tax incentives and low cost of invoicing.

Certified Electronic Invoicing “E-INVOICING”! SoftOne has been officially certified by the Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE), receiving a suitability license for the electronic transmission of any type of sales document: B2B, B2C and B2G.

Combining SoftOne’s strong expertise in the Cloud with the most innovative technologies, the certified EINVOICING service guarantees real-time interface with your company’s software system and with AADE, sending electronic documents to your customers at the exact moment of their issue!


Soft1 & myData
All Softone applications are compatible with the automatic sending of income documents or the receipt of your expenses with the AADE myData platform. A special application (optional) is provided to manage your e-book through the “myDataLive” module.

Respond easily, quickly, and reliably to the new data created for your business by the mandatory observance of the AADE Electronic Books, through the myDATA platform.

Issue and send any sales document electronically through the automated process offered by the Electronic Invoicing Service of the most reliable provider on the market (Y.PA.HEES).

Soft1 & myData

Instant fulfillment of obligations at the push of a button

  • Sending any type of sales document
  • Control & matching of data based on AADE
  • Real-time transmission of a summary of revenue documents
  • Maximum accuracy & elimination of possibility of mistakes
  • Notification of transmission success/failure

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